I am Indonesian. How about you?

It sounds crazy when I find people who knows Bali Island well but they don’t even know Indonesia. It’s the same as when I ask New Yorkers where USA is but they have no answer, all they can say is “I don’t know”.

It sounds strange but it happens. I have a lot friends in cyber world, we share a lot of things. But, there’s a moment that made me stoned, that moment came when I introduced Indonesia, my own country. Do you know what kind of response that I got?
“Sorry, Indonesia? what is that?”

I was dying to tell them them about my country, but it seemed they still had no idea about that till I finally gave up.

It’s been so long since that not-known-Indonesia happened. Suddenly there’s a chat notif on my mobilephone, it’s just the same friend who had no idea about Indonesia. Then, she told me a lot of things about Bali. When she was talking, I interupten the chat and tell her, “How do you know well about Bali but you don’t even know Indonesia?”.
“So, what’s the matter?”
“Bali Island is a part of Indonesia. Bali Island belongs to Indonesia.”
“oh really”



2 thoughts on “I am Indonesian. How about you?

  1. Yuna

    bener banget masalah yg ini. Funny but it is true. 🙂
    makasih nge-follow, akhirnya nambah lagi temen Indonesia karna kayanya karna aku suka posting bahasa Inggris, *i guess* minim temen Indo, padahal awalnya biar banyak temen luar dan tau Indonesia :).
    Nice to meet you 🙂


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