I have read the writing of Mr. Mike Bond about female genital mutilation. The tittle is a wow and his writing made me keep reading till the last word of his writing.

That’s a good persuative writing, but I am afraid that his writing completely is wrong.

How came he made a writing about something (well, I can say) that he doesn’t really know?
I was born and raised in Indonesia. I want to make clear some facts that Mr. Mike Bond has elaborated on his writing.

FACT #1:
Female genital mutilation -people here call it “SUNAT”- is completely different as he has described on his writing. I am afraid he is wrong if he says “SUNAT” is “mutilation”. I think he should came here, to Indonesia, and see the truth about SUNAT, if he has a time someday. I think this writing is deep influenced by some artilcles that provide wrong informations about SUNAT in Indonesia. Well, I think when you read about female genital mutilation, you automatically generalize it. Maybe, you think that kind of female genital mutilation done in Indonesia is completely the same as what some of female genital mutilation found In Africa. Sunat (sorry, I can’t say it’s a female genital “mutilation”) in Indonesia leaves no injuries, leave no scars.

Let me lend some words of his writing:
“This is Indonesia, a nation of 250 million of whom 88% are Moslem.”
I quote that sentence because I wonder what the correlation between female genital mutilation and religion is.
Well, Sunat is a must for Moslem (men), but not for Moslemah (women). I can’t find the correlation between both, female genital mutilation and religion.

Well, Let’s go jumping to the conclution. I think his writing about female genital mutilation needs to be revised. He seems to be misunderstood about “sunat”. It’s not like what he has described. There is no removing part of women sexual organs as he elaborated.

Come here and I’ll show you the truth. (*)



  1. Yuna

    Aku udah baca postingan orang itu. It doesn’t make any sense. what a superficial article. i don’t know exactly about this ‘Sunat’ thing for woman, but reading the article and then he came up with a decision to boycott ‘their people’ to do some traveling to our country. it’s really has no any relation. Maybe we lost or missed some chains in his article or his article lost or missed some chains and the main information.

    1. Aang kunaefi Post author

      Hi, Yuna.
      Mr. Mike Bond is a pro writer, he is the author of some books. I have no idea why he wrote something like persuading peope to boycott Indonesia.
      I know his writings are remarkable, but not this one.

      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂


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