Why gatotkatca?

250px-Gathotkaca-paragaWhy Gatotkatca?

Gatotkatca (also known as Gatotkaca & Gatotkacha) is a character in the Mahabharata (Sanskrit Mahābhārata), which is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being the Ramayana. Ghatotkacha is the son of Bhima and the giantess Hidimbi (sister of Hidimba). His maternal parentage made him half-rakshasa and gave him many magical powers such as the ability to fly that made him an important fighter in the Kurukshetra war, the climax of the epic. He got his name from his head, which was hairless (utkaca) and shaped like a ghatam. (Wikipedia)


My name is Aang Kunaefi, I am not Gatot Katca. Happy Blogging and have a nice day!

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